AirPouch Express 3™ Air Cushion Machine

★ NEW! ★

  • Produce chains of protective air cushions on demand
  • No capital outlay - available for a modest monthly rental
  • One month FREE trial with purchase of one box of film
  • Easy to use table top system to produce chains of protective air cushions on demand. Cushions are easily separated with their unique EZ tear perforations. The machine requires only 230v power, as it incorporates an internal air source
  • User friendly controls and simple film load direct from the box avoiding double handling. Each box inflates to over 10 cubic metres of void-fill, saving storage space required by conventional fillers
  • Air cushions are lightweight, clean, non-abrasive and add minimally to transport costs whilst providing excellent product protection or void-fill
  • Self-standing bag SSB-A-4 also available, useful with this equipment
  • Compact machine, dimensions 520mm x 305mm x 360mm
  • Weighs 13.7kg

Please DON'T pop the bubble wrap!

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