Gift Wrap Dispensers - SpeedyWrap

SpeedyWrap is a multi-purpose dispenser for paper, film and ribbon up to a maximum outside roll diameter of 180mm. SpeedyWrap is available in a range of widths to suit most common sizes of paper and film allowing it to be used for various purposes from basic packaging to high-end gift wrapping and floristry.

The sloping track keeps paper & film pressed against the front roller to stop it over-running and the serrated blade cuts to size for controlled dispensing every time. The fixed slot for the ribbon bar allows different diameter ribbon reels to be used at the same time and the ribbon clips make dispensing easy.

SpeedyWrap is mountable, with brackets supplied, and adaptable for either left or right-handed users.

Adaptable and easy to adjust, the SpeedyWrap can be set up a number of different ways. You can assemble it to suit your preferences, and adapt it to your work environment by wall-mounting the unit, setting it on a work surface, or by tucking it away underneath a bench - it just requires a few simple adjustments

The SpeedyWrap's tape dispenser can be set to suit either left or right handed users. Just mount it on the side that you prefer, and the scissor and pen tidy will sit on the opposite side. If you have both left and right handed users, extra tape dispensers can be purchased to fit to both sides of the unit to keep everyone happy.

Brackets are included to allow the SpeedyWrap to be both wall-(A) and under bench-mounted (B). This way, you can keep work surfaces clear and even mount multiple units to the wall. To fix your dispenser under a bench, just turn the brackets upside down.

Mounting your SpeedyWrap is quick and easy - it just requires a few small changes when you set up your unit.

To fix your unit under a bench, simply mount the knife bar at the lowest point on the unit - this way, you'll have enough room to dispense paper and film easily. In the same way, attach the tape dispenser and tidy further down the sides of the unit so that they are still accessible.

You can wall-mount your SpeedyWrap, too. Even better, the knife bar, tape dispenser and tidy can still be attached at any height to suit you.

Use the SpeedyWrap for...


Eliminate fiddly or difficult decorating with the Speedywrap's ribbon holder and patented clips to keep your ribbons in position, ready to use.


The SpeedyWrap's serrated blade cuts a range of films quickly and easily, making it a great tool to use in floristry and gift wrapping.

Kraft paper

For more straight-forward packaging requirements, load the SpeedyWrap with Kraft paper and brown tape.


The SpeedyWrap comes with a patented integrated tape dispenser for up to two rolls of tape, so there's no need for extra equipment or clutter.

SpeedyWrap dispenser 320mm wide

★ NEW! ★

For 300mm wide kraft, gift wrap, ribbon and tapes

SKU: SW320

SpeedyWrap dispenser 620mm wide

★ NEW! ★

For 600mm wide kraft, gift wrap, ribbon and tapes

SKU: SW620

SpeedyWrap dispenser 820mm wide

★ NEW! ★

For 800mm wide kraft, gift wrap, ribbon and tapes

SKU: SW820

SpeedyWrap dispenser 1020mm wide

★ NEW! ★

For 1000mm wide kraft, gift wrap, ribbon and tapes

SKU: SW1020

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