Xtegra Stickfast 600W  Hotmelt Applicator GX600

600W Hotmelt Applicator

  • Mains powered 18mm glue gun for heavy duty industrial use
  • High dispensing accuracy and comfortable to use
  • Supplied with standard nozzle; other interchangeable nozzle types available
  • Adjustable melt temperature and glue flow rate
  • Integral stand
  • Can be suspended from HGS12 tool balance
  • Comfortable long-trigger and rubberised grip
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Compatible with 18mm diameter glue sticks (not included)
  • Temperature range 140-230°C
  • Maximum glue output 42g per minute
  • Power supply 240V
  • Power consumption 600W
  • Weight 2.5kg
  • CODE: GX600

Please DON'T pop the bubble wrap!

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