Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers

Gummed paper tape has seen a recent rise in popularity as many companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint have also recognised the additional benefits that gummed paper tape has to offer.

Budget pull & tear gummed paper tape dispenser

For tape up to 80mm wide


Cyklop lever operated measured-length dispenser

For tape up to 100mm wide

SKU: UNI-200-B6

Cyklop measured-length electronic keypad dispenser for gummed tape

★ NEW! ★

For tape up to 100mm wide


Additional battery for C-25-BC

Capacity up to 6000 cuts

SKU: C-25-71501832

Additional charger for C-25-BC

Two hours charging time

SKU: C-25-71501835

Gummed paper tape

48mm x 200m x 60gsm

SKU: P60-48-CTN

Gummed paper tape

72mm x 200m x 70gsm

SKU: P70-72-CTN

Reinforced gummed paper tape

48mm x 100m x 140gsm

SKU: P140-48R-CTN

Reinforced gummed paper tape

70mm x 100m x 140gsm

SKU: P140-70R-CTN

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