Pallet Shrink Systems & Film

RIPACK® - the leading propane gas shrink tools, incorporating the patented "cool nozzle" feature for extra safety and swivel connectors for comfortable use. Extension pieces easily fitted to safely reach high or restricted access areas. Suitable for a range of film types and thicknesses; advanced aero dynamics ensure a wide and even heat distribution and offer the opportunity to use thinner, less expensive, films.

RIPACK® pallet shrink gun

With regulator, 8m hose & carry case

SKU: RIP-2200

RIPACK® high output pallet shrink gun

With regulator, 8m hose & carry case

SKU: RIP-3000

RIPACK® gun extension

1.06m reach

SKU: RIP-2200EXTA3-6

RIPACK® gun extension

1.15m reach

SKU: RIP-2200EXTS3-9

RIPACK® gun extension

2.03m reach

SKU: RIP-2200EXT6-8

Economy pallet shrink gun

With regulator, 8m hose & oil


Centrefold shrink film

Available in a variety of widths


Pallet covers

Heavy duty film to protect pallet loads


Please DON'T pop the bubble wrap!

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