Stretch Film Mini Rolls & Dispensers

Hand held tensioning dispensers for efficient application of stretch film mini rolls. The film only adheres to itself and presents a clean, low cost alternative to adhesive tapes.

Stretchpacker tensioner plus mini stretch film roll

Available with one, or 12 film rolls

SKU: HSP-100 (one roll)
SKU: HSP-100-12 (12 rolls)

Tensioning handle plus mini stretch film roll

Available with 10 or 20 film rolls

SKU: MBS-10 (10 rolls)
SKU: MBS-20 (20 rolls)

Stretch film mini rolls

Refill packs for MBS & HSP dispensers

SKU: 1015-6 (six rolls)
SKU: 1015-36 (36 rolls)

Handypacker mini stretch film on disposable tensioner

With five rolls of film

SKU: HP-125

Please DON'T pop the bubble wrap!

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