AirPouch® FastWrap Machine

  • Produce filled bubble and tubes for interleaving and protecting goods in no time
  • FastWrap™ material secures and cushions products while in transit - reducing returns and even increasing customer satisfaction
  • Timer can be used to achieve measured lengths, cutting down on waste
  • Operates at 19m per minute and features operator-friendly controls
  • Collapsible winder allows for easy material changeover and reduced downtime
  • Boxed material is easy to handle and reduces storage and transport requirements
  • One box of FastWrap™ is equivalent to 127m2 of inflated material
  • There are two sensors fitted to the winder arm that shut the machine off when the reel has reached its maximum length of 23m, or 47m
  • Can be supplied without the winder arm, or purely as the machine with no extra fittings for a smaller footprint where space is at a premium
  • Free loan of this machine available when you buy FastWrap™ material - contact us for details

Please DON'T pop the bubble wrap!

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