Protective Mailing Products

A full range of Jiffy® bags, Tenza® paper mailing bags and Tenzapost® mailing bags, sacks & envelopes.

Tenzapost polythene mailing bags

Tenzapost® polythene mailing bags

Opaque grey 50mu polythene, with secure 50mm peel and seal flap

CODE: Various

Jiffy padded bags

Jiffy® padded bags

The original protective postal bag

CODE: Various

Jiffy Mailmiser bubble bags

Jiffy® Mailmiser® bubble bags

Premium white bubble-lined postal bags

CODE: Various

Jiffy Airkraft bags

Jiffy® Airkraft® bags

Lightweight white bubble-lined postal bags

CODE: Various

Tenzapost bubble pouches

Tenzapost® bubble pouches

Enhance protection of contents in storage and transit

CODE: Various

Tenzapost paper mailing sacks PMS1728

Tenzapost® paper mailing sacks

Strong, gusseted three-ply paper sacks /p>


Tenza paper mailing bags PMS1728

Tenza® paper mailing bags

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic mailing bags: strong, resilient, cost-effective and available in a range of sizes

CODE: Various

Polythene mailing envelopes CPMA4

Tenzapost® polythene mailing envelopes

Clear low-cost envelopes: ideal size for A4 publications and documents


Please DON'T pop the bubble wrap!

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