Polyproplylene Strapping Machines

Automatic strapping machines allow hands-free securing of parcels with automatically tensioned, sealed and cut polypropylene strapping. Operation is either by foot pedal or parcel sensor, making these machines ideal for volume throughput. Alternative arch sizes available for most carton sizes.

Semi-automatic strapping machines allow one operator to automatically tension, seal and cut polypropylene strapping to give neat and secure fastening on any size box. Adjustable strap tensioning to suit each package prevents strap damage to softer boxes. Strapping 12mm wide is supplied fitted to each machine.

Automatic strapping machine

For PP strap 5-6mm, 9mm or 12mm wide. Choice of three machines

SKU: TP-702-56 (5-6mm)
SKU: TP-702-9 (9mm)
SKU: TP-702-12 (12mm)

Automatic strapping machine

For PP strap 9mm or 12mm wide. Choice of two machines

SKU: TP-6000-CE-9 (9mm)
SKU: TP-6000-CE-12 (12mm)

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