Safeguard® Hand Strapping Tools, Dispensers, Kits and Strapping

An extensive selection of tensioners, sealers, combination tools, dispensers, kits, plastic strapping, seals & buckles and edge protectors.

Our colour-coded guide here indicates which tools are compatible with which strapping:

Suitable for key

strapping plastic tensioners

Safeguard® Tensioners for Plastic Strapping

For packing varied products ranging in shape and size, a tensioning tool combined with a sealer and seal will complete the packing process.

strapping plastic sealers

Safeguard® Sealers for Plastic Strapping

For use in conjunction with tensioners.

strapping plastic combination tools

Safeguard® Combination Tools for Plastic Strapping

Combination strapping tools simplify the process by combining both a tensioner and sealer into a single tool - ideal for securing same-size and shape products.

strapping plastic dispensers

Safeguard® Dispensers for Plastic Strapping

  • Static and mobile dispensers
  • NB. Strapping reel and seals not included

Plastic Strapping Kits

Kitstart Plastic Strapping Kits

Handy kits for a variety of strapping needs

strapping plastic strapping

Safeguard® Plastic Strapping

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Extruded polyester (PET)
  • Woven polyester (WP)
  • Composite polyester (CP)
  • Hotmelt cord polyester (HM)
  • Bale press

strapping plastic seals and buckles

Safeguard® Seals & Buckles for Plastic Strapping

  • Seals made from higher quality steel for superior seal integrity
  • Plastic, sherardised & galvanised metal buckles

strapping plastic edge protectors

Safeguard® Plastic Edge Protectors

Low-cost, effective protection against strap damage

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