Optimax® Heat Shrink Chambers

Designed to speed up packaging lines by providing both heat shrinking and sealing in one unit. Ideal for retail products as the clear wrap displays items professionally. Highly secure and tamper-proof as the film takes the shape of the product.

Also ideal for wrapping and protecting high value and heavy or bulky products that can be easily damaged during storage or transit.

Optimax 400mm Heat Shrink Chamber

Optimax® 400mm Heat Shrink Chamber

Compact shrink wrapping system that seals and shrinks in one operation


Optimax 600mm Heat Shrink Chamber

Optimax® 600mm Heat Shrink Chamber

Mid-capacity model - requires minimum 16A power supply


Optimax 620mm Heat Shrink Chamber

Optimax® 620mm Heat Shrink Chamber

Ideal for larger shrink wrapping applications. Requires 3-phase supply


Spare Parts

Shrink Chamber Spare Part Products

Replacement parts for Optimax® Heat Shrink Chambers

CODE: Various

Optimax Combined L-Sealer/Shrink Tunnel

Optimax® Combined L-Sealer/Shrink Tunnel

Separate sealer and shrink tunnel for optimum throughput


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